Renter's Tips

Finding a new home

This is the hardest part but the most exciting, finding a place where you can envision yourself spending the next year/s happily. This is where an experienced Riverside Agent can help, we pride ourselves on "One Stop Shopping".


Finding a new home can be very time consuming, most apartments become available on a 30 day cycle. May homes may become available end of March to First week in April, depending on the previous tenant, there may be more notice. You should call Riverside Realty at least 2 months previous to your move, so we can keep you at the top of our list for the month that you need to move.


It is so important that you are available to come as soon as possible to view the home, and rentals go very quickly. Riverside Realty Agents will always work around your schedule.

Be Prepared

The best way to make sure that apartment is your new home is to be prepared to complete a tenants application, which your employee name & number is required, your current landlord information, and some other personal information. If you have any references from previous Landlords/Employers please bring with you. A credit check will also be done on premises to either accept or deny your approval for the apartment. At this time, checks will be required for a 1 1/2 month security deposit, credit check fee and a finder fee if applicable.

Review the Lease

If all is well, your Riverside Realty Agent will prepare the lease. Sometimes, Landlords will want something added to the lease this is an Addendum to the lease. Carefully review the lease, with any addendums before signing. Any questions, that you may have, please ask your Riverside Realty Agent to explain, now. Our goal is to have you feel comfortable with the lease before you sign.


Your Riverside Realty Agent, at this time, will also explain:

Now that you and your Riverside Realty Agent feels comfortable with You signing, your Landlord will review all and sign. There may be a point that the Landlord may want to meet you either prior to your signing or after or may ask that you sign at the same time.


Your Riverside Realty Agent is here for all of your Realty Needs from now on. Any questions or help that you may need, we are always available.